We Want You to Join the Titan Football Committee

uncle-sam-wants-you.jpgIf you are visiting this web site, odds are that you are interested in learning more about bringing back Cal State Fullerton Football. The Bring Back Titan Football Committee is seeking to expand its membership in an effort to get the Titan Football program back and playing on the field. You can be a part of this process and it will not cost you a single penny. It does not matter if you are a current student, a CSUF alumnus, or just a fan of college football in general. The more people working towards a common goal can only help to enhance this project.

Please click HERE to find out more about joining the Bring Back Titan Football Committee. If you would like more information about getting onto the season ticket list, please click HERE.The Bring Back Titan Football Committee is not asking for your money. We only want your great ideas to help make this effort to bring back Titan Football a tremendous success. Thanks for visiting and we hope you will join us during this very exciting time.

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