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Facebook Groups Created To Help Bring Back Titan Football

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When it comes to social networking, Facebook and Twitter have dominated the online scene lately. (Sorry MySpace, you had a good run but your time is up.) Naturally the effort to Bring Back Titan Football has evolved with the times and we are happy to announce that two Facebook groups have been created to help promote this cause.

The first group you should be aware of is Titan Football History – Cal State Fullerton. This Facebook group is dedicated to sharing photos, news clippings, testimonials and the overall history of Titan Football. Because the program has been suspended since 1992 some of the history could potentially be lost forever. This Facebook group is dedicated to ensure that although the football program at Cal State Fullerton may not be active its rich tradition and history will never be forgotten. If you have some history to share or would like to learn more about Titan Football the way it was, please join this Facebook group.

The other Facebook group of interest to Titan Football supporters is the Bring Back Football to the BIG WEST CONFERENCE! group. The lion’s share of current sports at Cal State Fullerton participate in the Big West Conference. Prior to the Titan Football program suspension, Cal State Fullerton played in the Big West Conference against other Big West Conference schools like Long Beach State, University of Pacific, Utah State, UNLV, Fresno State among others. Many of those schools that formerly played football in the Big West Conference have either moved on to other conferences. i.e. San Jose State moving to the WAC and UNLV going to the Mountain West Conference. Other schools that have remained in the Big West Conference like Long Beach State, Pacific and Cal State Fullerton of course, have dropped their football programs completely. The Big West as it stands today is a conference that fields 18 sports (eight men’s and 10 women’s) but only two of its member institutions have football. (UC Davis and Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo are forced to play football in the the Great West Conference for football but the Big West for all other sports.)

This Facebook group was created to encourage the leaders in the Big West Conference to consider bringing back football as a sport it sanctions. With two member institutions already fielding football teams the other member schools like Fullerton, Long Beach, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, etc. would either need to bring back their respective teams or create a team from scratch. The benefit of bringing football back to the Big West Conference would be the cost benefit to the member schools. Since the Big West Conference member schools are all located in California, travel costs (which are a major expense for any college football team) would be greatly reduced. Both UC Davis and Cal Poly SLO have to travel to North Dakota, South Dakota and Southern Utah to play games within their conference. These road trips all require air travel which is much more expensive than bus travel. If the Big West were to bring back football as a sanctioned sport and member institutions brought back football many of these long road trips requiring air travel could be eliminated.

Please feel free to to join the Bring Back Football to the BIG WEST CONFERENCE! Facebook group and join the discussion with other fans on how to convince the leaders this is a good idea.

Lastly, we mentioned Twitter has become the newest way for those online or via their mobile device to stay connected with those people or organizations they deem important. By Simply “following” someone’s Twitter account you can get the latest updates on what they are doing or where they are. A new Twitter account, @CSUFfootball, has been created to update the masses on all things Titan Football related. Registering for a Twitter account is free so sign up and follow @CSUFfootball for up to the minute updates.

Bring Back Titan Football!

Bring Back Titan Football Photo Montage On YouTube

To truly understand the history and tradition of the Titan Football team, we have put together a photo slide show and shared it on YouTube. Take a minute and a half and give it a look. You’ll recognize a number of impact players and coaches like Damon Allen, Mike Pringle, Phil Nevin, Head Coach Gene Murphy, etc.

Also feel free to share it on your MySpace and Facebook pages, your own personal websites and blogs or simply email the link to anyone that you think is supportive of bringing back Titan Football.

Bring Back Titan Football Now on Facebook

One of the most popular social networking tools on the internet is Facebook. The Bring Back Titan Football Committee has created a Facebook profile so you can now keep up with the happenings of the effort and more importantly, connect with those fans and supporters of bringing back Titan Football.

Please visit the Bring Back Titan Football Facebook Page and join the group. The group currently has over 180 members as of today and we need that number to grow substantially. By networking with other like-minded fans, students and alumni we can get closer to achieving our goal of bringing back Titan Football.